I’m a former digital UX, Ix & visual designer from Estonia. In mid 2014 I took a step back to dive deeper into design management. Today I focus on strategic use of design for the benefit of much broader aims of the company/organisation. yum, details
CV updated 22/06/16.

2015 strategic/concept design, intern, Urgent Agency (http://urgent.agency) [Cph, Denmark]
2011 – 2014 design lead, mobile UX/UI designer, Mobi Lab (http://www.lab.mobi)
2012, 2013 visiting lecturer, introductory course to UI design, Tartu Art College
2010 web design, Bürocratik (http://www.burocratik.com) [Portugal]
2007 – 2008 digital & print media designer, Krabi & Mask
+countless freelance media & design projects in between

2014 – 2016MFA in Strategic Design [B&D], HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts + School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg [Sweden]
2011 – 20121⁄2 of studies @ DDVE [Design+Tech+Entrepreneurship], MA, University of Tartu
2009 – 2010visiting student @ Communication Design, BA, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto [Portugal]
2005 – 2011diploma in Media and Advertisement Design, Tartu Art College

2015New Design Thinking and Visual Literacy by Bespoke
2015Design Strategy Development / Business Value Constellation by Ulf Mannervik (NormannPartners)
2013MOBX: Mobile User Experience, Berlin (http://www.mobxcon.com)
2013UXLx: User Experience Lisbon (https://www.ux-lx.com)
2012Agile Product Development by Juha Seppänen (Nokia, Skype, etc.)

Estonian, English, Portuguese (gets lost in no-practice), Swedish (a shameful hint of)

historically in bloodstream
most mobile platforms known to mankind; digital product & service development; client relations & consultancy; the world of start-ups; networking; BMC; the concept of soft and hard numbers both in life and economics; team dynamics;  UX/Ix/visual design; sketchy xhtml/css; communication design; etc.

increasingly in bloodstream
design management; design-driven strategy; innovation theory and practices; experience, concept & service design; design theory/methodology/research; etc.

in blood
simplicity; music; arts; movement;

trt/tln, est