projects 2014-2016

@ Urgent.Agency
RED CROSS YOUTH NETWORK ’15 / spatial concepts + communication strategy
DELEBY: THE SHARING CITY ’15 / future scenarios + architecture concepts
DSB: DANISH RAILWAY ’15 / work environment & experience redesign
BILLUND: THE CAPITAL OF CHILDREN ’15 / city vision + urban strategy [agency’s collaboration with BIG architects]
LYNGBY LIBRARY ’15 / spatial re-design & service experience design
BELLAKVARTER: UPCOMING COPENHAGEN ’15 / spatial communication & temporary space

ANGERED, THE URBAN DISTRICT ’14 / design research in societal context
TRAFIKVERKET: SWEDISH ROADS & RAILWAYS ’14 / experience safari: the journey vs from-A-to-B BLåGåRDSGADE 8 ’16 / communication design, written report vs emotional+visual storytelling [twisting a common report task]

NOTE. This is not a personal visual design portfolio. It rather gives an idea of the projects I was conceptually and strategically involved in during my studies+intership in Gothenburg and Copenhagen. Exception can be seen in BLåGåRDSGADE 8 which was an individual task and, if to exclude the inspiration of Urgent.Agency’s identity, fully executed by myself (including the photos present in the report).

red cross youth network / spatial concepts + communication strategy

40 youth centres for the age 8-20 were about to be opened across Denmark to activate local kids and that along with the goal to integrate those with difficulties with stronger supportive social circles. The aims are to be achieved through offering them safety, trustworthy and meaningful relationships and engaging activities to do. These centres, all different in terms of community, square metres, budget and permanence, needed a flexible strategy and a dynamic spatial concept that would communicate these centres as united yet still as local meeting points, attracting kids from various ages and with various interests.
Red Cross Youth was the project I was assigned to lead. Spatial concepts, communication strategy and the communicative form and compilation of the final deliverable (guidebook that would talk with both, kids and volunteers, but also be of use for organisational leaders) were our primary challenges*. After the research phase, three main values were set on which the concepts and strategy were built: active, social, homey. The manifest of the network was associated with strength and collaboration, instead of what is commonly seen in Red Cross image.

* All projects @ Urgent were team effort. Field research design was team work, on-site research was conducted by Danish-speakers, so was the main body of copy-writing etc. Project was done in collaboration with the identity design team who developed the visual brand, name and graphical communication system for the network.



deleby: the sharing city / future scenarios + architecture concepts

Denmark like many countries witness the ever-amplifying imbalance between gravitation centres and the periphery. Deleby is a near-practice research project ordered by the government to consider scenarios if and how the concept of shared living could contribute to population growth in small outskirt towns. 3 municipalities, 2-4 hour drive away from Copenhagen towards different directions, each with its own premises and obstacles were chosen for the project: Odsherred, Nørre Snede and Stubbekøbing. One of the aims of the project was to re-use the existing architectural, urban landscape.
In the project, which was one of my favorites, I was involved throughout the work process except for the hands-on architectural concept developments. The project was still running when I left Urgent. In a team of 3-4 we did the field documentation & research, met the local driving forces, conducted spatial, cultural & economical analysis, decided on the architectural platform on which to build the idea upon, ideated to create the potential scenarios and strategies for the municipalities and prototyped the concepts. As the aim of the project was not to keep feet on the ground, the scenarios had a chance to bypass the ordinary.


dsb: danish railway / work environment & experience redesign

DSB (Danish State Railways), that is responsible for passenger train operation in most of Danish railways, has a headquarter office at the historical Copenhagen Central Station. The building is stately and beautiful, but fragmented and outdated as a work and rest setting inside. DSB, that employee groups have drastically different work routines, needs and schedules, posed itself the goal to become the best work environment for all. We, together with a collaborative architect office, were designing new spatial concepts for the whole interior, taking employee experience and strategical aims as lead inputs to the process.
DSB was an extensive employee experience project, which led to architectural remake of the outdated clustered 5-6 floor building. 5 different employee groups whose working shifts and routines, needs and duties differ radically (from train drivers and service officers to administration and management forces) were observed, interviewed, made workshops with. Ultimately, the employee journeys and experience qualities were mapped to provide a solid foundation for the reconstruction work. Due to the scale of the project it was done in collaboration with partner architect studio.


billund: the capital of children / city vision + urban strategy

Except for being one of the top Danish tourist magnets as the home town of Lego and owning an airport with over 40 international destinations, Billund is a yawning small town. The liveliness of tourism does not reflect in the daily life of locals. In fact, these two realms exist apart from each other. This split identity is a challenge for Billund that has an estimated 6000 available positions in creative and entrepreneurial industry to fill in. To attract such talent, certain urban and life-style enabling qualities need to be met. A unique city vision and strategy “Capital of children” was developed for Billund.
Billund was a long-term project done in collaboration with BIG architects. The work was finalised within months that I was part of Urgent. It was eventually awarded with Danish Design Award. I had my role in workshops preparations, ideation sessions and structuring for the idea catalogue, its content development and infographic visual representation.


lyngby library / spatial re-design & service experience design

The independent library of the wealthy city district in Copenhagen area is widely used and visited by the locals already today. In the shadow of much broader changes in the library structures and the running stuff, new ‘service desk’ was ordered to improve the experience of the visit for the users and of the daily work for the employees.
In a team of four we gathered insights via observations, conducting interviews and workshops with the employees and visitors, we observed and mapped out visitor and employee journeys. Along with it, a thorough spatial analysis was conducted in public and private area of the library, with many potential improvements mapped. As a final outcome a spatial concept of the service desk area was proposed.


bellakvarter: upcoming copenhagen / spatial communication & temporary space

Bellakvarter is a completely new district built to Copenhagen area from scratch. It is pretty much located in the middle of no-where, instead of a former industrial manufacturing complex. The district is gradually built, but since the area has no history of any kind, the communication work of the ambitious plan has already started full-speed to attract interest of different potential stakeholders and inhabitants.
The project is still ongoing at Urgent. I was involved in the very start of the process, in ideating sessions and in creating initial rapid mocks of various ideas and proposals. The photos on the right illustrate what was created during the first phase of applying the Dogville style communication and human scale temporary spaces.


angered, the urban district / design research in societal context

Angered was built during the industrial dream (Million Program) in the late 60s. Filled with modern block housing the neighborhood, albeit far from the city center, was assumed to become adopted by families of all sizes. Yet Angered remained unpopular. Over the years due to low rent prices the area attracted newly arrived immigrants increasing the gap with other parts of the city even further. Today Angered is facing challenges of unemployment, health, education, segregation, reputation and weaker business environment.
Our task was to gather insights in a tactful and ethical manner by employing design research, experimental-artistic and participatory methods in relation to the chosen challenge. We focused on the contrast and distance between the north-east and the south-west (top indicators of wealth, health and education in Gbg) both in a physical and figurative meaning. The platform for our research was the tram line nr 9 which crossing the heart of the city connects those two oppositional districts.


trafikverket: swedish roads & railways / experience safari: the journey vs from-A-to-B

Trafikverket is the government agency in Sweden responsible for the long-term planning of the national transport system, state road network and national railway network. In 2010 the agency was assigned to become a supporter of the infrastructure usage and strategical planning rather than to continue as a constructing monopoly. Since then Trafikverket has been in a transition to treating infrastructure more and more as service and a source of experience rather than asphalt and iron.
Our assignment was to reinforce the transformation by mapping the experience on roads and railways together with creating visionary services in order for Trafikverket managerial forces to better communicate its new vision and idea throughout the organisation and demonstrate the need for a mindset shift from inside-out perspective to outside-in.


blågårdsgade 8 / communication design – written report vs emotional storytelling

At uni we were blessed with the classical assignment to write a report on our internships that no-one would ever voluntarily choose to read. I could not help but to twist this task into something more intriguing – instead of dry written word, how about a bit more spellbinding, revealing, emotional and visual storytelling.

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